Saved: The world's biggest pizza fan

The world's biggest pizza fan

By Dustin Drankoski

It’s Sunday morning in New York City, and while most New Yorkers are probably sleeping in, I’m up early, about to get on a school bus

Before you feel too sorry for me having to go to school on a Sunday, know this is not your average school bus. Yes, it’s big and yellow, but this bus isn’t going to any school. Instead, it’s taking me and 32 others around the boroughs of New York City to eat pizza.

Lots of pizza.



It's all because of Scott Wiener, the 34 year old Brooklynite who is perhaps the world’s only ‘professional pizza enthusiast’ (as he calls himself). He’s a Guinness World Record holder, the author of Viva La Pizza, one of two American judges at the World Pizza Cup in Italy, the owner of the non-profit ‘Slice Out Hunger" and the owner of Scott’s Pizza Tours - a company that takes customers on pizza-eating adventures around New York City. Read more...

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October 4, 2016 at 09:56AM

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